For the next calendar year Margi will embark on the development of 6 solos.

Photo by William Frederking

Solo work is not new for Margi. She has always pursued the solo form, but until now, it has not been an ultimate priority. This desired shift emphasizes a versatility of programming, a clear focus on collaboration and the creation and development of partnerships with peers who hold a diverse range of skills and insight. This proposed project will allow Margi to collaborate with artists from different parts of the world on very different initiatives reviving past work, developing new work for herself with the support of a dramaturg, and securing new solos.

2019 Solo Initiative Supporters

  • Judy Ansell
  • Neal Bader
  • Paige Caldarella
  • Liz Carlton
  • Wes Chapman
  • Margi Cole
  • Pat Doyle
  • Bob Eisen
  • Maurice Fraga
  • Lisa Hahn
  • Colleen Halloran & Laura Giampino
  • Leigh Horsley
  • Justin Kulovsek
  • Emily Loar
  • Beth McNeill*
  • Karen Naumiec
  • David Nelson
  • Kandi Orman
  • Daphne Boman Powell
  • Lance Pressl
  • Beverly Projansky
  • Shannon Snead
  • Steve Richards
  • Mary Roberts*
  • Andrew Harold*
  • In memory of Kenneth R. Cole, Sr.*
  • Doris Sunday*
  • Luc Vanier*
  • Carrie Pennell*
  • Elizabeth Johnson*
  • Mary Shupe*
  • The Rivendell Foundation*

*Bebe Miller solo commission